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All kinds of popular tea today such as traditional green tea, tea flavored with flowers, flavored fruits, high quality herbal tea , ... are available in many countries' markets.  Which tea is good for health, what kind of cure ... both of them are the use of high quality herbal tea .


Origin of Tea

Tea tree is considered as one of the oldest plants in the history of cultivation. Tea tree has green leaves, grows all year round, irrespective of season, is usually grown on hills or in fields. Plants with white flowers and older plants produce green fruit. Tea plants must be planted for at least 5 years before leaves can be harvested and harvested within 25 years and possibly more.

Characteristics of tea plants Tea
trees can grow well in the following soil conditions:
- There is no frost all year round because hoarfrost is salty, which can kill leaves.
- Rainwater contains a number of acids that make leaves grow rapidly, spreading wide canopy, so the condition is steady rain all year round with average rainfall of 3000-4000 mm / year.
- Located at an altitude of 500-1000 mm above sea level, with too high terrain such as hills and mountains, trees lack water so they cannot grow or grow slowly.
- The environment is cool, the sun is not too strong or the soil and the air is not too wet.


Some types of herbal
Tea Chamomile tea, lotus tea, licorice tea, mint tea are the herbal teas commonly used today with a characteristic delicious taste. There are Herbal teas all of high quality, food safety and hygiene, and have been verified by reputable organizations. Herbal tea when mixed into water, still retains the leaf shape, the color of the tea is golden and rich. The cup herbal teas premium when taken in will give your body the nutrients needed to protect against cardiovascular disease, resistant to the virus, prevent cancer, skin beauty, ...

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