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  • Vietnamese standard TCVN 3219: 1979 on Tea processing technology - Terms and definitions

    Vietnamese standard TCVN 3219: 1979 on Tea processing technology - Terms and definitions, Việt Nam TCVN 3219:1979 về Công nghệ chế biến chè -Thuật ngữ và định nghĩa...


    This name refers to any tea that is grown over 1000m elevation, and processed as a lightly oxidized, unroasted Oolong Tea. There are famous place names within this category that represent geographic growing regions. These include: Alishan, Shanlinxi, Lishan, and Dayuling. Virtually all High Mountain...

  • Flat Tea Processing Machinery Operation Essentials

    ​Spreading - fixation - multi purpose machine - roasting machine - grade - packaging - storage. The harvested fresh leaves will have a water loss rate of 30%, and the greening machine will start to preheat. The seals will be inspected at various parts. The fresh leaves will be spread at the feeding ...

  • The Development Trend Of Vacuum Packaging And Sealing Machine

    Vacuum packaging technology originated in the 1940s. Since the polyester and polyethylene plastic film was successfully applied to commodity packaging in 1950, the vacuum packaging machine has been rapidly developed. Its technological development trend is mainly reflected in high productivity, autom...

  • Vacuum Packaging And Sealing Machine

    As the name suggests, the product is air-discharged and packaged. The equipment can be divided into vacuum packaging for various plastic film bags, composite film bags and aluminum foil bags. Vacuum packaging of various solid, powder, and semi-fluids for various meat products, poultry products, pick...

  • A Brief History Of Tea Sorting Technology Development

    Japan is close to China, and tea and tea culture are transmitted from China to Japan, but its mechatronic technology has developed earlier. At the beginning of the 20th century, its industrial level was at the forefront of the world....

  • Development Status Of Packaging Machinery Industry

    China's vacuum packaging machine has been in the industry for only 20 years, its foundation is relatively weak, and its technical and scientific research strength is insufficient. Its development is relatively lagging behind, which has dragged the hind legs of the food and packaging industry to some...

  • Advantages Of The Packaging Machine

    In order to create the maximum benefit for yourself within the stipulated time, it is necessary to ensure that your food packaging production line runs well and there will be no errors in the production process, so as to avoid the occurrence of errors and failures as much as possible. Enterprises ge...

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