Flat Tea Processing Machinery Operation Essentials


Flat tea full mechanical production process:

Spreading - fixation - multi purpose machine - roasting machine - grade - packaging - storage. The harvested fresh leaves will have a water loss rate of 30%, and the greening machine will start to preheat. The seals will be inspected at various parts. The fresh leaves will be spread at the feeding port and sent out through the conveyor belt for two minutes to reach the level of killing. After be fixation of the green leaves for 20 minutes, turn to the multi-purpose machine, the pot temperature is 100 degrees, use the tea oil pan, and after the oil and gas evaporate, put 0.3 kg of green leaves per tank, speed up the rotation, 50 rpm, preheat for 1 minute. After that, slow down the speed, 30 rpm, put in a light pressure bar, observe the temperature and leaf changes, after two minutes, the color and the strip shape are basically fixed, decompress for 1 minute, press the weight bar for 1 minute, depressurize for half a minute or Lightly press for 2 minutes, then depressurize for 1 minute to remove the pan, sieve to remove the foam head, and enter the incense machine. Titian also has a drying effect. Adjust the timing and temperature setting according to the requirements. Place the tea leaves on the leaf tray, the thickness is appropriate, the thickness is even, put it into the machine, close the box door, start the fan, open Heating, heating switch, temperature and time enter the automatic control state, after the set time, the system automatically stops working. Remove the leaf tray, turn off the heating and heating switch, and turn off the fan after 10 minutes. After the scented tea leaves can be sieved, graded, and separately packaged ash.


Semi-mechanical production of flat tea: different from the whole mechanical process, that is, after the heavy rod is pressurized in the multi-purpose machine, the pan is used, and the electric frying pan is heated at 80 degrees, and the artificial grinding head is further shaped to reach 90% dry. It can be screened into the incense machine.

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