A Brief History Of Tea Sorting Technology Development


Japan is close to China, and tea and tea culture are transmitted from China to Japan, but its mechatronic technology has developed earlier. At the beginning of the 20th century, its industrial level was at the forefront of the world. As a research goal of mechanization of tea production, it was studied to study various tea garden management machinery, including tea garden tillage machines, fertilizer machines, and tea pickers. With the successful development and extensive application of tea picking machinery, the research on tea sorting machinery was born. In 1935, tea sorting research began. According to the physical characteristics of tea, namely, tea stems and fresh leaves of tea, electrostatic tea was developed. The sorting device was used to realize the commercialization of the machine through the clothing department. In 1962, according to the color difference between tea and tea stems, an electronic color sorting machine was developed to lay the foundation for the development of tea color selection technology in the later stage.

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