Tea Processing Machine
Equipment for fermentation of black tea OTD

Equipment for fermentation of black tea OTD

Equipment for fermentation of black tea OTD...

  • Máy vò trà

    TEA CRUSHER, Máy vò trà,Tea Processing Machinery And Equipment , Máy Móc, Thiết Bị Chế Biến Chè , Tea dryer , Máy sấy chè, Double-pot dryer ,Tea curling machine,Máy sao xoăn chè,...

  • Tea making equipment

    Tea making equipment ...

  • How to operate The Intelligent Black Tea Fermentation Machine

    By automation precision control temperature, humidity, time and so on,automatic fermentation room can provide the most suitable and stable environment conditions to accomplish the application of moderate ferment equipment, so that can avoid the problem of fermentation excessive or insufficient ferme...

  • How to operate tea winnowing sorting machine ?

    The tea winnowing sorting machine is one of the special machinery for tea refining. After the sieved tea leaves, press it lightly through the machine Grading and other grades, suitable for the middle-grade sieve tea grade of refined black tea, the tea grade of the upper section of green tea is grad...

  • What are the advantages of our packing machine?

    Traditional packaging machinery to use mechanical control, such as CAM distribution shaft, and later appeared photoelectric control, pneumatic control and other control forms. However, with the increasing improvement of food processing technology and the increasing requirements of packaging paramete...

  • Tea Rolling Machine

    Tea rolling machine is a machine that processes polished rods. The polished rod is generally used in motors, cylinders, cylinders, valves, linear bearings, pumping units, and the like. As a kind of high-efficiency heat transfer element, threaded pipe is widely used in boiler products. Nearly all she...

  • What is the principle of the Tea drying machine?

    The future development of tea drying machine will be in-depth study of drying mechanism and material drying characteristics, mastering the optimal operating conditions for different materials, developing and improving the dryer; in addition, large-scale, high-strength, high-economic, and improved ra...

  • What are the characteristics of the tea sorter?

    Tea treatment generally includes fresh leaf treatment, greening, striping, baking and picking. In the fresh leaf treatment process, tea leaves should be sorted according to the size of the tea leaves to facilitate the smooth progress of the post-treatment process. ...

  • What should the tea fermentation machine pay attention to?

    Fermentation is a key process for the formation of tea color, aroma and taste characteristics. Generally, the loquat leaves are placed in a fermentation box or a fermentation cart, and are fermented in a fermentation chamber. ...

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