What are the characteristics of the tea sorter?

Tea Leaves Tea Sorting Grader Machine

Tea treatment generally includes fresh leaf treatment, greening, striping, baking and picking. In the fresh leaf treatment process, tea leaves should be sorted according to the size of the tea leaves to facilitate the smooth progress of the post-treatment process. In recent years, there have been fewer and fewer people engaged in tea sorting, coupled with economic expansion, labor costs have risen sharply, and workers have high labor intensity. At present, most of the large-scale production is machine sorting. However, most of the existing sorting equipments are sorted by vibration devices, fans or compass cycles. The equipment structure is more complicated and the price is more expensive. Most of the tea sorters adopt stepwise classification. Picking structure, large size, high speed is easy to damage tea twice, and the sorting level is not clear enough.

The tea sorting machine is characterized in that: a rack, a drum suspended on the rack, a rotary driving device for driving the drum to rotate, and a feeding end cylinder, wherein the rotary driving device is arranged on the frame and connected to the left end of the drum, feeding The end of the end barrel communicates with the left end of the drum to realize feeding; the frame is respectively provided with a circular guide rail at the corresponding position of the left end of the drum and the right end of the drum, and the left end of the drum and the right end of the drum are respectively inserted into the circular guide rail and are rolled and connected with the circular guide rail through the bearing; The drum has a truncated cone structure with a small left end and a large right end. The outer wall of the drum is evenly distributed with a plurality of sieve holes, and the sieve holes from the left to the right gradually become larger.

The  machine is used to grade the fresh leaves, with reasonable and simple  construction, easy operation, grading effectively, without damaging leaves or  sieve pore blocking, running smoothly.

This  type Fresh Tea Leaf Sorting Machine is used to sort fresh tea leaves, the  performance is good, not damaging tea leaves, no blocking for the sieving  holes. Running is smooth and operation is easy. It can shift high level fresh  tea leaves into several classes accurately in order to improve the final tea  grade by processing different class separately.

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