Tea Drying Machine user's manual


tea drying machine user's manual

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This instruction manual is an integral part of the machine. It is recommended that the supplier of the new machine or the secondhand one should keep relevant documents to prove that the instruction manual and the machine are provided to the user at the same time. The intend Stick on the top of the machine It is strictly forbidden to reach into the pot when the machine is turning. 

Attached to the grounding bolt Stick to the eye-catching place of the machine Warnings:

 1, Strictly in accordance with the use of the book can be operated;

 2. When the machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to reach into the pot;

 3, Remember to connect the ground wire to prevent electric leakage and injury;

 4. Always cut off the power supply during maintenance;

 5, The body should not touch the hot parts, beware of burns.

For the safety of you and others, please pay attention to the following safety issues:

1. Users must read this manual carefully before purchasing, installing and using the products of this company to avoid mistakes.

2. Carefully implement the regulations and requirements for the use and maintenance of this machine. Special training is required for new operators, and unqualified operators are not allowed to operate the machine.

3. Check that the power cord is intact and the power cord must not be damaged. The power supply used for the product is three-phase four-wire system, the motor is 380v, and the wire diameter of the installation wiring should be ≥4mm 2 , which is directly connected from the switch blade. Wiring should be handled by a professional electrician.

4. Before powering on, you must first connect the electric shock protection device and the grounding wire, and the grounding wire is firm and reliable to ensure safe use of electricity.

5. Before starting the machine, make sure that there are no sundries in the wok, flexible and reliable, no abnormal sound, to ensure that the drying machine works normally. Inflammable and explosive materials and odorous items are prohibited near the machine.

6. Do not wear loose clothes that are easily caught in rotating parts during operation. Long-haired wearers must wear safety helmets. When using, the operator must not leave the machine. Do not touch the rotating parts. Do not continue to operate the machine under fatigue or drinking conditions. Non-operators should not use the machine.

7. When the machine is turning, it is strictly forbidden to put the hand and other utensils into the drying machine; non-operators and children should not be near the machine.

8. When using the machine, there should be someone responsible for operation, inspection and maintenance. When checking and maintaining, be sure to turn off the power in time. During operation, if there is a power outage, be sure to turn off the power immediately.

9. In case of thunderstorms, do not use, you must cut off the power supply to prevent lightning damage to electrical components and personal accidents.

10. Turn off the power supply (blade) after the work is finished to avoid accidents such as fire.

11. Always check the joints of the machine and machine entry line for scorch. The entry line should use a dedicated line. The electrical system should be maintained and maintained frequently. It is found that the wires are damaged and aging should be replaced immediately.

12. In addition to repairs, the safety shield must not be removed at will to avoid injury.





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