Tea fermentation machine


The tea fermentation machine comprises a feeding device, a fermentation tube and a discharge channel, wherein the discharge channel is vertically arranged, the discharge channel is provided with a plurality of blowing holes and a plurality of straight rods, and the blowing hole is arranged On the wall surface of the discharge passage, connecting with the gas source through the pipeline, one end of the straight rod is fixed on the inner wall of the discharge passage, the other end is suspended in the discharge passage, and the plurality of straight rods are in the discharge passage Spiral arrangement in the bottom. The tea fermentation machine of the utility model further blows off and disperses the tea leaves after discharging, fully guarantees the uniformity of the tea leaves, and is beneficial to improving the quality of the fermentation.

Tea production usually includes the process of withering, simmering, fermenting, drying and fragrant fresh leaves. Fermentation is a crucial process in tea production. It has a great influence on the formation of tea quality, and it is the quality of black tea, fragrance and taste. The key process of the feature, only the fermentation in place to make high-quality black tea. The essence of tea fermentation is that after the damage of the liquid membrane, the polyphenols, amino acids and other substances in the vacuole are out of control and fully contacted with polyphenol oxidase, and oxygen is used to carry out enzymatic brown pigment, enzymatic brown pigment to produce oxidative polymerization and Condensation forms a series of colored substances, such as theaflavins and thearubigins, and at the same time, the chemical reaction of other compounds causes the green leaves to turn red, which comprehensively forms the unique color, aroma and taste quality of the black tea. During the fermentation process, the oxidative condensation of polyphenolic compounds and the profound changes of other components are particularly affected by environmental conditions. It is therefore important to create an environment conducive to normal fermentation. At present, in the traditional fermentation process, polyphenols, amino acids and the like in the tea vacuole can not completely lose control and fully contact with polyphenol oxidase, which seriously affects the quality after fermentation.

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