Tea drying machine


The operation of the tea drying machine is mainly to dry the tea by flowing hot air. The main components of the tea in the equipment are the connecting plates, as well as the hundred pages and mesh belts. Different tea dryers are assembled through different components, and various dryers have their own characteristics.

The hundred-page dryer, this tea drying machine mainly consists of a fan, a hand-drawn hundred pages, and a hot blast stove and other components. The brackets for drying the chassis are mainly made of angle steel, and are sealed with steel plates around them. The louver can be processed with galvanized steel wire woven mesh. It can also be processed with a galvanized punching plate. A rotating shaft is also mounted on the back of the plate, and the hand lever is operated to control the switch of the white page.

Automatic chain plate dryer, which has a rectangular box, a chain-type tea structure, and a power transmission mechanism. The steel plate structure is used, and angle steel parts are also used. Insulating layers with insulation are also used on the wall panels inside some dryers.

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