What is the tea roasting machine?


Baking technology is an important process in the traditional tea making process. It not only controls the moisture content of the finished tea, but also facilitates storage. It also changes the content of the tea after the tea is heated, and enhances the unique aroma of the tea. The tea roasting machine is Commonly used equipment in tea processing, a large number of roasting machines use electric energy as a heat source. Because electricity is secondary energy, the price is relatively expensive, resulting in high energy costs, affecting the economic benefits of tea farmers.

The tea roasting machine comprises a hollow body, a baking chamber disposed in the hollow body, a fan and a heating device, and the first interlayer and the  

second interlayer are respectively formed between the left and right side walls of the baking chamber and the left and right side walls of the hollow body, and the baking chamber top panel A top interlayer is formed between the top panel of the hollow body. A plurality of vent holes are distributed on the two left and right side walls of the baking chamber to form a circulation air passage between the first interlayer, the inside of the roaster, the second interlayer, and the top interlayer. A fan that drives the circulation of the air is disposed in the circulation duct, and the heating device is assembled by the burner and the heat exchanger and then mounted to the body. An air purifying mechanism is further disposed in the circulating air duct, and the air purifying mechanism includes a mesh-shaped receiving body and an air purifying material therein. An electric control box is also arranged on the empty body, and a control circuit is installed in the electric control box. The control circuit includes a processor, and the processor is connected with a temperature sensor, a fan relay, an electric heating tube relay, a display module and a button module.

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