What is a tea fermentation machine?


The tea continuous fermentation machine has a basic structure similar to a chain plate dryer. The processed leaves are evenly spread on the louver for fermentation, and the louver bed is driven by a continuously variable transmission, and is provided with ventilation, humidification, and temperature adjustment devices. Suitable for continuous automatic production line of tea.

The tea fermentation machine has a basic structure similar to a baking fragrant machine. The tea fermentation machine adopts stainless steel box, tray and bracket, and the universal wheel is provided at the bottom to provide a relatively closed space. The temperature and humidity are relatively stable, and the air circulation is slower to reduce the 

moisture emission of the tea fermentation. Ultrasonic humidification and precision are adopted. Control, welcomed by the majority of small and medium-sized tea processing enterprises.

The tea fermentation machine mainly solves the problems that the traditional fermentation equipment is difficult to mix, the ventilation and oxygen supply are insufficient, the fermentation cycle is long, and the working condition is difficult to observe. The rotary stirring and flexible scraper structure are adopted, and the fermentation state is visible, the timing is turned, and the temperature is automatically controlled. Humidity, automatic feeding and discharging functions.

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