Growing tea


Growing tea

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The tea tree is an evergreen Camelia sinensis that grows in tropical and subtropical climates. Only a few varieties withstand the maritime climate. Many are grown up to 1,500 m above sea level, although they grow more slowly, but they have better taste and aroma. 

The tea tree loves warmth, acidic soils and heavy rainfall, at least 127 cm per year.

Propagated by cuttings and seeds, grown for 4 to 12 years before it can produce its first harvest. In nature, the tea tree grows up to 16 m in height. For industrial production, shortened plants are formed for easy harvesting. Such low plants give more new shoots, which means new delicate leaves, which improve the quality of the tea.

Tea shoots grow quickly and can be harvested every 7-14 days. As a result, one such bush can produce up to 70 kg of finished tea per season! Tea harvesting season in different countries stretches from February to November. During the season, several active growing seasons are distinguished, the most productive. The properties of the tea obtained during these periods are very different.

Which tea is best - the one obtained from the very first harvest after winter. It gives a light, bright and very aromatic infusion, with sufficient strength. Such tea is used to prepare expensive elite varieties, which are in great demand by connoisseurs-connoisseurs all over the world.

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