• Small Green Tea Leaves Rolling Machine -Hot
Small Green Tea Leaves Rolling Machine -Hot
properly destruct the leaf texture, squeeze out the tea juice, improve the taste, benefit the stripe coiling, drying and shaping, make the tea easy to brew and properly resist the brewing, and thus improve the drinking value.



properly destruct the leaf texture, squeeze  out the tea juice, improve the taste, benefit the  stripe coiling, drying and shaping, make the tea easy to  brew and properly resist the brewing, and thus improve the drinking value. 



The surface of the disk is in one run pressed from stainless  steel plate to make the panel and the joists become an  integral, which decreases the breaking ratio of tea and increases its striping  ratio. 
The kneading machine uses worm gears, and the kneading drum is  driven through mechanical-connected parts. The centrifugal movement in the  fixing disk built with joists makes the tea in the kneading drum suffer from  the kneading action generated between the upper gland and the joists of the  lower fixing disk. The kneading degree of the tea can be adjusted by regulating  the pressure of the gland.

     Product Parameters


Outside dimensions
 (L * W * H)

Inner diameter of the
 kneading drum


 (kg/ cycle)

 Pressuring device






 Floating pressuring by
 single column screw




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    Most  products can be installed and trained through online video and text mode. If  special products need to be installed on site, we will arrange technicians to  install and debug on site.

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Our  factory is Anxi Yongxing Tea Machinery Co., Ltd.. It's a tea processing  machinery enterprise integrated with design, manufacture and sale. The factory  has more than 30 years of experience in producing tea equipment.
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2, If have any questions during machine  operation and delivery ,our sales manager and technical personnel will give you  the best advice
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5, We will choose the most  suitable machine with our professional knowledge.


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