• Tea Color Sorting Sorter Machine TQS1
Tea Color Sorting Sorter Machine TQS1
The machine is adopted by the cloud technology camera, which can identify the small and tiny impurities deeply. The characteristic of this machine is the accurate identification, high-speed computation, one-button operation, automatic color sorting without any professional staffs.



The  machine is adopted by the cloud technology camera, which can identify the small  and tiny impurities deeply. The characteristic of this machine is the accurate  identification, high-speed computation, one-button operation, automatic color  sorting without any professional staffs.


The machine is controlled by the  internet of thing technology realtime online. Meanwhile, the machine could  provide the real-time online service that the  materials could be high-speed dynamic caught, analyzed and displayed by the  machine. The stones, glasses and insects could be picked out accurately by the  international  leading infrared  technology.


     Technical Characteristics:

1.Design of mechanical-electrical integration:,The integration of sorting cabinet and electrical cabinet results in a more stable overall mechanical structure, prolonging the service  life of the machine and making the maintenance much easier.
2.The original material-distributing system in the  industry:,The  latest-designed Bridge-type material-distributor is featured with low noise,  low jitter amplitude, high vibration frequency, and more even sorting, settling  the problems of uneven sorting and underproduction, which are often seen in  currently-used material-distributor matched with three-tier tea-sorting  machine.
3.Utilization of air cooling system ,This system settles the problems of high temperature,  heavy energy loss, light source instability, and short service life which are  caused by a longtime-working LED light source.. In addition, the system ensures  an endurable light source used in a constant temperature.
4.Solution of independent sorting mode,For each tier, a sorting solution of either color-based  or shape-based can be set separately, and a combining sorting solution of  color&shape-based can also be chosen. You can choose the solution freely.
5.Unique design of broadening sorting chamber,This design can solve the problem of partial tea-sorting  caused by swirling air, increase the output and reduce the crashed rate during  the course of tea sorting.




  capacity kg/h

Colorsorrting  accuracy(%)

Air supply
 pressure mpa

Motor Power


  dimension mm

Weight of
 machine kg












   About product  installation, training and after-sales service

    Most  products can be installed and trained through online video and text mode. If  special products need to be installed on site, we will arrange technicians to  install and debug on site.

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Our  factory is Anxi Yongxing Tea Machinery Co., Ltd.. It's a tea processing  machinery enterprise integrated with design, manufacture and sale. The factory  has more than 30 years of experience in producing tea equipment.
Reasonable  prices and reliable quality. In tea processing industry, we have won the  Innovation Achievements Gold Award of Employees from Both Sides of the Taiwan  Straits, and Several National Patent Certificates.

We  always feel that all success of our company is directly related to the quality  of the products we offer. They meet the highest quality requirements as  stipulated in ISO9001, ISO14000:14001 SGS guidelines and our stringent quality  control system.

    Our Services  

1, We are professional on machine producing.
2, If have any questions during machine  operation and delivery ,our sales manager and technical personnel will give you  the best advice
3, If you want to know the machine operation  please contact with us and we will send you video and detailed information.
4, If there is any questions, please do not  hesitate to contact us in time and tell us what happened ,our technical personnel  will give you the solution .
5, We will choose the most  suitable machine with our professional knowledge.


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1.Quality  guarantee
2.One-stop  service without any outsourcing
3.Best  Materials selection
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