Traditional green tea is usually produced in two main ways, depending on the size of the processing equipment equipped: semi-motorized manual methods and mechanized methods. The semi-mechanized method of manual production to kill yeast by star method, suitable for household size, group of households that do not yet have the conditions to fully equip machinery and equipment in processing or have not yet equipped the equipment. large capacity machines. The mechanical method of killing yeast is applicable to eligible households and groups of households that are equipped with a relatively complete production line and machinery. 

1. Cool.
1.1. Purpose.
Cooling tea blocks that are still hot after the process of killing yeast to avoid hot tea blocks, adversely affecting the quality of future products such as: poor yellow color, poor aroma, and strong taste.
1.2. Cooling technique.
 Tea after killing yeast is still very hot, using your hands to shake off the tea block on the hot pot, on the cloth, on the clean floor. Then use a fan to blow cool air into the tea block to cool.
1.3. Factors affecting the cooling process.

- Tea coming out of the machine mouth can be manipulated when spreading tea quickly or slowly. Any delay affects the quality of the finished tea.
- The thinner the tea layer, when cooled, the easier it is to cool.
- The wind speed of the cooling fan ensures tea is not steamed hot.
1.4.   Check production cooling stage.
- The thickness of the tea layer when spreading to cool.
- The fan's wind speed when cooling the tea block.
- Clean and wipe tea spilled on the floor, equipment and floor after each production.
2. Crumple tea.
2.1. Purpose.
- Crumpling tea to curl, crush, break cell structure, facilitate drying, sorting, packaging, preserving and transporting process easily.

- Making the juice secretion on the surface of leaves, after drying, it will be deposited and dissolved quickly when brewing tea.
2.2. Tea technique.
2.2.1.   Tapping tea on Vietnamese manual tiller machine:
  The crumpling process can be done on a manual crusher. First crimp, let the machine run without load stably. Stop the machine for 2/3 of the tea that needs to be rubbed into the machine. Let the machine work 5 - 10 minutes later to finish the tea that needs to be crumpled, 15 minutes later turn the press and compress lightly.
Crush the second time, gently compress right from the beginning after 15 minutes, then compress it in the hand so that the tea ensures 40 to 55% of the tea cells and the tea wings are tightly curled
2.2.2.   The tea is crumpled on the torture machine:
- The torture machine is a single-motion, press-table machine. Put the tea in the jar, squeeze it Then close the press cap in the top position.
- Tea is crushed 2 times according to the mode of 35-25 minutes (or can be crushed once for 45
minutes). After crumpling for 10 minutes, press down on 1/4 of the bowl, continue for 5 - 10 minutes, press down on 2/5, continue to crumble. 5 minutes before leaving tea, loosen the lid pressed to the top position. Young tea (Type A tea) and older tea (Type C tea) should be shorter than type B tea. Because tea is too young to be crushed for a certain period of time, if the tea continues, the tea is only emerging, difficult to continue curling; And type C tea, if used for too long, will not be curled anymore, but sometimes it will have more fibers in the stem. The tea after each crumpling is drained by hand or machine to make the next crushing process or drying easier. At the end of the crumpling process, tea is tightly curled in the form of fibers, the cells are flattened 45-50%. After crumbling, clean the jar as well as the base of the jar before adding new tea to the pot.

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