Packaging Machine Troubleshooting


The electromagnet does not attract, and the cause of this failure is mostly the internal fault of the main unit, the electromagnet coil is blown, and the line is interrupted. The solution is: first check whether there is a problem inside or outside the host; secondly, check Solenoid fuse, check if the electromagnet has signs of energization, eliminate the mechanical jam, and detect the internal power supply when everything is normal; the common cause of this fault in the weighing packaging machine is: sensor damage, For bridge voltage failure, line connection or interruption is wrong, the method of elimination is: detecting the load signal of the sensor and the connection or the host, and detecting the bridge and the amplifying circuit or the computer output display circuit, sometimes the system stability It is not good to cause the bagged quantity to be unstable. This problem can be tested to see if the line is faulty.

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