Tea Processing


1, picking

At noon on a sunny day----the fresh leaves picked at 3 pm are of the best quality. Moreover, the tenderness of tea should be moderate. If you want to make high-grade Tieguanyin, there are strict picking standards. Generally choose three leaves and one bud, the tenderness is moderate. Branches should be short and small, so that the water content of the branches will be less, and the high-quality temperament will be formed.

2, drying

After the tea greens are picked, they should be cool and cool. The purpose of sun drying is to first evaporate part of the water in the leaves, and promote the physical and chemical changes in the contents of the fresh leaves to prepare for the greening.

3, standing

After the green leaves have been sun-dried, the green leaves are sieved and placed in the green room for rest. When the green leaves are sun-dried, some of the water will evaporate, and the green leaves will become soft. When the green leaves are still standing, the leaves will be The moisture of the veins will then be added to the foliage, and the foliage will straighten up again.

4, shake

When the green leaves are allowed to stand, according to the water changes of the green leaves, it is possible to decide whether to shake. Pour the green leaves in the water sieve into the bamboo "shake machine" and prepare to shake. The fresh leaves collide, scatter and rub in the green tube. Most of the leaf edge cells are broken and broken, the water is diffused and infiltrated, the cell gap is filled with water, the leaves are stiff, and the grass is volatile.

Function: The leaf edge cell tissue is destroyed by the friction of the shaker and the collision between the leaves and the leaves, so that the compound such as tea polyphenols is contacted with the enzyme to promote the conversion of the substance; at the same time, the water also slowly evaporates. cut back.

Shaking and standing are repeated several times. It is the most critical link in the quality of tea.

Shaking and standing together are called green.

5, killing is also called green

Its purpose is to use high temperatures to rapidly destroy the activity of the enzyme and consolidate the quality that has been formed.

6, plastic packaging

Wrap the tea after the greening in the special Buri, and use the "speed charter" to pack the whole tea into a spherical shape.

7, Put the packaged tea bag in the "down machine" for the shape. The tea ball rolls in the tight state, and the leaves inside are squeezed to form a "granular shape". The magical work from leaf to grain is all here, of course, it has to go through many times. operating.

8, roasting fire

After the tea is simmered, it is baked. The tea group is unblocked and spread on a bamboo sieve and placed on an iron frame for baking in the furnace. Packing, crucible and baking are repeated several times. Until the shape is satisfactory. It is best to bake and dry.

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