What Is The Processing Procedure For Black Tea ?


Black tea is a whole fermented tea, and red soup red leaves are its quality characteristics. At present, there are three types of black tea produced in China: small black tea, black tea and Black broken tea:

1. Small black tea: The place of origin is Fujian Province, which is divided into two types: Zhengshan small species and artificial small species.

2, Gongfu black tea: the origin of Anhui's blush, Yunnan's blush, Sichuan's Chuanhong, Guizhou's blush, Jiangsu's Su Hong, Guangdong's Yuehong and so on. The shape is black and lustrous, the ropes are straight and even, the aroma is rich, the taste is rich, and the soup leaves are red and bright.

3, Black broken tea: a new black tea variety developed only after 1964. At present, it is mainly concentrated in some state-run tea farms. The best quality products are Hainan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan and Sichuan. According to the shape and endogenous characteristics, it can be divided into four types: leaf tea (bar shape), broken tea (granular shape), sliced tea (wrinkled shape), and end tea (sand-like). The quality performance is: the leaves are ruddy, the soup is red and bright, and the fragrance is strong and fresh.

No matter what kind of black tea, its processing technology is: withering - rolling(kneading/twisting)- fermentation - drying and other steps

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