Tea withering Machine


The tea picking machine is a crop harvesting machine that harvests new tender tea leaves from the top of the tea tree. According to the picking method, there are two types of selective tea picking machines and non-selective tea picking machines. Selective tea pickers are available in both broken and friction types. The former uses the principle of bending and breaking, and takes fresh and tender tea leaves while retaining the thick old branches; the latter uses a pair of elastic fingers to clamp the tea leaves, relying on the static friction between the fingers and the tea leaves, picking up the new leaves and retaining the old leaves and young bud. Due to low production efficiency and high requirements for tea garden operating conditions, selective tea pickers have not been widely promoted.

Through years of practice, the implementation of mechanized tea picking can not only improve work efficiency, increase efficiency, but also save a large number of labor, ease the picking flood peaks, shorten the picking cycle, and ensure the quality of fresh leaves. A tea-picking machine can save 75 labors per day; the summer and autumn tea-picking machines use the same amount of tea, and a tea-picking machine can save 55 labors per day.

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